The Kietyönmäki Lithium Project

European Lithium Battery Manufacturing is Surging

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Deposits & Exploration

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  • Red dots on map above show reported occurrences of lithium, tin, LREE. Many of these are not under exploration tenure.
  • Additional areas of nearby lithium occurrences can be acquired.
  • Kietyönmäki is located 100km NW of Helsinki with very good infrastructure support.
  • The Kietyönmäki lithium project is held within the granted Tammela Exploration Permit in JV with TSX listed Nortec Minerals. United Lithium holds 83.6%.
  • The Nortec lithium JV area covers the granted Tammela permit and the Ojalankulma Exploration Permit application.
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Kietyönmäki Lithium Deposit: District SCALE

District scale setting with minimal exploration beyond outcropping spodumene dykes

INSET: Scale comparison to the Länttä Deposit held by Keliber Oy in the Kaustinen district

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Poorly explored high grade lithium pegmatite

  • High grades intersected in main dyke and thinner adjacent dykes
  • Requires drilling to understand dyke distribution
  • Considerable upside potential to SE; NW areas poorly understood
Outcropping spodumene pegmatite


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Section diamond drill hole 6

Additional targets exist to the north side of Main Dyke, and to the SE

Section diamond drill holes 1, 2, & 3

Dykes are thinning and thickening along strike and vertically; more drilling is required to test targets along strike

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Diamond drilling and channel samples define significant deposit, worthy of further exploration

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Exploration concepts ARE developed to target additional areas





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